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He has not been a participant in training camp and has also been absent during preseason.

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NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who denied the request, has chosen a former NFL management executive, Harold Henderson, to oversee the hearing at league headquarters in New York.
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Henderson has heard almost 100 NFL suspension appeals, including a couple of high-profile cases the past few years involving Vikings running back Adrian Peterson in 2014 and Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy in 2015.

According to the report, it remains unclear exactly when Bell will make his return following an extended holdout with the hope of securing a long-term contract extension. He has not been a participant in training camp and has also been absent during preseason.

Bell is scheduled to earn $12.12 million under the franchise tag this season after he failed to receive the deal he wanted by the NFL-mandated deadline July 17. Investing in Bell has become a question for the Steelers since he has been plagued by injuries and suspensions, missing 16 games in his four-year career in Pittsburgh.
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If you don’t recognize the name, let’s try this one: Pac-Man. Oh, now you get it. Jones’ off-field activities were so notorious after he entered the league in 2005 that he wound up suspended for the entire 2007 season and part of 2008. He was supposed to enter the 2009 CFL season midway through, but Winnipeg chose to abandon that idea and declared, We will pursue athletes that we believe will contribute to our organization on and off the field. Only the forgiving nature of Bengals owner Mike Brown brought Jones back into professional football.

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DeMaurice Smith says NFL work stoppage in 2021 ‘a virtual certainty’

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The NFLPA warned its players in May to save their money and prepare for a work stoppage in 2021.
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The current NFL collective bargaining agreement runs through the 2020 season and the NFLPA doesn’t plan on budging on its demands. NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith said this week a work stoppage is inevitable.

I think that the likelihood of either a strike or a lockout in 2021 is almost a virtual certainty, Smith told MMQB.

He does not agree with a suspension for the hit in question.

Authentic Wendel Clark Jersey It’s within the rules, Burfict said. You can hit the receiver in 5 yards; you just can’t hit him in the helmet or neck area. I hit him in the chest area. I guess they just have it out for me, I guess. It’s whatever.

While Lewis did not go so far as to say the NFL had it out for his linebacker, he did not agree with the discipline.

His head was out to the left, as you can see in every single angle, Lewis said. Behind, front, television, all-22, it’s always out to the side and in front of the player. There’s no contact whatsoever. And if you have to slow down things in high definition and go frame by frame, and you’re still not sure, we don’t officiate the game that way. 斜薪 I don’t see how the players can be held to that standard as well.

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Giants coach Ben McAdoo tight-lipped on Odell Beckham Jr., Brandon Marshall injuries

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Giants head coach Ben McAdoo isn’t giving up much information when it comes to Odell Beckham Jr. and Brandon Marshall.

Both receivers were injured in the Giants’ 10-6 preseason loss to the Browns Monday night, but it’s unclear the extent of the injuries or what their respective recovery timetables are.

The Steelers wrapped up their training camp on Friday with Bell still holding out, though he’s expected to return to the organization at some point before the start of the regular season.

Bell reportedly turned down a five-year deal worth $60 million that his agent agreed to with the team at the July 17 NFL deadline for players to sign long-term contracts. He will instead earn $12.12 million under the franchise tag this season.

Bell, 25, rushed for 1,268 yards and seven touchdowns in 12 games last season while also catching 75 passes for 616 yards and two scores. Although he’s missed 16 games in his four-year career due to injuries and suspensions, the All-Pro selection has logged 6,050 yards from scrimmage and 31 offensive touchdowns in 47 regular-season games.

Sanu had been a third target for most of his career when the Falcons decided to pay him mid-level second receiver money. The guarantee is really what sets the contract apart from the other receivers, as he received double what most players get in the fully guaranteed portion of the contract. Sanu, in his first year in Atlanta, failed to reach 700 yards.seahawks_158

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The untold saga of Stanley Johnson and Frank Kaminsky’s FIFA hug

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What do NBA players do during the offseason? Well if you’re Charlotte Hornets center Frank Kaminsky and Detroit Pistons forward Stanley Johnson, the answer is easy — play FIFA.

Elite Kids Brock Osweiler Jersey The two faced off in a game earlier this week, and while we didn’t see the game, we did see who won — Kaminsky. And Johnson, understandably, was not happy about it:

But fear not — Kaminsky and Johnson weren’t going to let one game of FIFA come between their friendship. Just a few days later, the two reconciled and Johnson finally gave his friend the hug he had wanted all along — and all while Drake played in the background.

The Pelicans aren’t ready to make that championship leap just yet, lacking the aforementioned shooters. They also aren’t quite sure how to make Davis and Cousins work perfectly together, having the two for less than half of last season. Rondo could be a solution for fitting the two together.

Both on and off the court, Cousins developed a good relationship out in Sacramento with Rondo as well. With the big man able to walk for nothing after this year, keeping him happy will be a huge focus for the Pelicans. This helps.

Rondo also had a strong playoff performance against the Boston Celtics in the first round of the playoffs last season before he was sidelined with a thumb injury. In two games he tallied 12 points, 10 assists and nine rebounds, and the Bulls won the first two games of the series. He’s got some play left in him, and will fill a role off the bench. Most importantly, this is just a one-year investment for the Pelicans.

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Colas questioned the team’s decision to change Plum’s position

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The problem in San Antonio is that the team already highly values the two guards it has in the starting rotation: Moriah Jefferson and Kayla McBride. San Antonio envisioned a three-guard lineup when it drafted Plum, but her agent, Lindsay Kagawa Colas, wasn’t sure if first-year head coach Vickie Johnson agreed to that.

When San Antonio used its No. 1 overall pick on Plum, Colas questioned the team’s decision to change Plum’s position, according to Howard Megdal of

San Antonio is saying they took her and plan to play all three together, Colas told the Summitt. You have established assets who have played well, so why are you taking the number one pick to play out of position? In what sport does that happen? It’s entirely unprecedented. You don’t take Kyrie Irving, John Wall, Sue Bird or Derrick Rose to play the two. This is a woman who has twice been selected for USA Basketball as a point guard and broke the NCAA scoring record as a 1 — and you’re going to ask her to essentially change positions?

There’s no path for a straight-up deal that sends Irving to the Spurs without a third team. San Antonio doesn’t have the combination of young prospects and win-now veterans that the Cavaliers desire in a deal, and Cleveland certainly won’t take LaMarcus Aldridge back in that trade.

The Spurs would need to rope in a third team — one interested in taking Aldridge — that would be willing to part ways with pieces of its youthful core. Those teams are few and far between, especially if that team isn’t getting Irving for its troubles.

Authentic Marcus Williams Jersey At this point, it’s a toss up whether Irving returns to Cleveland this year or makes his season debut for another team.

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Michael Beasley, Knicks ‘nearing’ a 2-year deal, per report

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Elite Zane Beadles Jersey Michael Beasley and the New York Knicks have signed a one-year deal, the Knicks announced on Thursday. Beasley, a former No. 2 overall pick, played 56 games with the Milwaukee Bucks last season.

The deal would be for the veteran’s minimum, reports ESPN’s Ian Begley.

Elite Chad Kelly Jersey But then, flight attendants went row by row, asking if anyone would relocate to the very last row of the plane. Maker accepted the attendant’s offer and trotted to the back of the plane. He shared that row with Paul Kuzma, who told the entire story on Facebook.

He couldn’t even fit his knees into the Economy seat! Every time the snack cart came by or someone had to use the restroom, he had to get up and move out of their way.

The entire flight, there was not a hint of resentment in his voice. He was even happy to allow me a picture with him and an autograph. Class act, Thon!
If I was 7’1, I probably wouldn’t have traded my relatively cozy, comfy seat for the worst one on the flight. But it appears Maker was grateful he made that flight so he could be on time for a Bucks practice he had the next morning.

As Kuzma wrote, that’s a class act, Thon. Now, go take some of that pent-up anger out on the rim.

Hudson began his NBA career playing for Rivers, a draft pick of the Celtics in 2009. That said, he only played 16 games for Boston, and spent most of his lone season under Rivers bouncing back and forth with the Celtics’ D-League affiliate.

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Terry Collins outmaneuvers the Mets injury bug

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Joe Maddon lived his best life on Wednesday night: He worked in some emphatic finger pointing (which got him ejected) and his team walked the Reds off on a wild pitch after a nutty game. Love him or literally strain an eye muscle rolling yours at him, Maddon lives for nutty like it’s his only life source. So, if he caught wind that Terry Collins got to play a catcher at third base and then switch him to second base 22 times, his best life probably went out the window. He probably crumpled up his four-man outfield headlines and went to go talk to Alex Avila about ground balls.

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While it’s a cool gesture, and the players surely appreciate the added pizzazz to their otherwise routine series, does it come off to anyone else like Francona is a stepdad trying to convince the kids not to tell their mom that he was caught smoking in the garage again?

A county representative told the Miami Herald that the sculpture “was designed specifically for this project and location and is permanently installed. It is not movable.” and that “The county’s real estate team will provide any new owner with the requirements regarding care for the county-owned assets.”

Since it technically could be removed with approval, it’s not completely safe forever. But opinions on the county side are, for now, firmly planted in the “it’s staying” camp.

The claws are out, though, and right now it’s between a powerful team and a volunteer-based shelter that takes innocent animals off the streets. One side is starting off as the far more sympathetic party.

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Ajian is a quality addition to Tuscaloosa

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Clearly Jones and McCarron have a little bit of competition going on. It probably stems from their powerhouse alma maters — Ohio State and Bama.

McCarron patterned Ajian after restaurants like Chipotle, and you know who loves Chipotle? Well, everyone. But especially Jones.

But Jones also knows how to make Chipotle even better.

Yep, that Chipotle line is always annoying as hell. It doesn’t matter what part of the country you’re in or what time of day you go. Chipotle needs fast passes. Good call, Cardale.

By all accounts, Ajian is a quality addition to Tuscaloosa. But any of these other restaurant concepts would be better — and none of them has Flamin’ Hot Cheetos sushi rolls.

In the evening, we had everything from the Cowboys looking dominant, the moment group celebrations were born again, a kick-six, throwing a fumble, and Kellen Moore bringing the Cowboys down quickly. Oh, and Pat Mahomes looked pretty darn good.
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Here’s the best and worst from Saturday’s games.

The 2015 Heisman Trophy went to Derrick Henry because he racked up 28 rushing touchdowns. Christian McCaffrey had to settle for second, even though he had a ridiculous 3,864 all-purpose yards.

Both players played just the first half of a preseason matchup Saturday, but their performances head-to-head mirrored that 2015 season.

Game Womens J. R. Sweezy Jersey Henry bulldozed his way to two touchdowns and 36 rushing yards on 16 carries against one of the NFL’s best rushing defenses.

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There are two reasons the Dodgers would prefer Verlander

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I would joke that he’ll pitch a complete game for his next start, allowing exactly 4 1/2 runs, except complete games aren’t something Verlander does anymore. He hasn’t pitched into the eighth inning once this year in 21 starts, which is remarkable.

There are two reasons the Dodgers would prefer Verlander: The first is that they can absorb more money to give up lesser prospects. The second is that they might think they can get Verlander back on track; that they’ve identified something that can be fixed.

Could be! But if the question is, Is Justin Verlander guaranteed to be better than Brandon McCarthy in a postseason start, and is that guarantee worth scores of millions?, the answer is very much up for debate.
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Instead, here, have some Cardinals and Red Sox. It’s good for you. Open your mouth and eat your Cardinals and Red Sox. Don’t make me get your father.

Think about 2014. We could have had the Pirates/Royals. If you’re into national matchups, the Nationals/Orioles or Dodgers/Angels would have been a pip! And if you had to see the stupid Giants again, at least there would be a chance that they would rehash the Earthquake Series.

Instead, you saw the stupid Giants again, and they were matched up with a perennial underdog, and they won again.

Think about 2015. I polled readers about which World Series matchup was the best possible, and here’s what you answered:
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Bellinger, who turned 22 last week, attributes his seamless transition to major-league life to his teammates, listing Seager, Joc Pederson, and veterans Justin Turner, Adrian Gonzalez, and Andre Ethier as key influences.

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Aaron Judge is well on his way to being MLB’s next cash cow

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Aaron Judge had one heck of an All-Star Break, winning adoration and breaking hearts (we can only assumed) with an amazing display of strength in the Home Run Derby. He may have gone oh-fer in the All-Star Game itself, but the good news is no one truly cares about that game and it only matters now when Bryce Harper spontaneously recreates a scene from Magic Mike XXL in the outfield.

Besides his prowess at the plate and thus final evolution into a Dingachu, Aaron Judge also did big things for Major League Baseball’s bottom line and allowed the league to fantasize about what it will be like once he firmly takes his place as one of their top stars over the next few years.

This impasse could mostly be posturing from both sides, though, so don’t automatically assume any deal is off. The Rangers likely want to get more while they still have some time before 4 p.m. rolls around, while the Dodgers would love to give up as little as possible — i.e., not their very best prospects — for a rental.
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If the Yankees get Sonny Gray or the Indians come at the Rangers with a healthy Darvish offer, we might see the Dodgers step it up. But until someone decides to knock down that first domino, it’s impasses all around.

The Rangers want to trade Darvish so they get a better return for him than a compensation pick after the second round of the 2018 MLB draft. They plan on attempting to re-sign him whether he’s dealt or not, so they’re in a position where giving him up makes the most sense. The Dodgers know this, as do the Yankees and Indians and any potential mystery team that’s still out there, so expect Darvish negotiations to keep on going until pretty close to the actual deadline.

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