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The problem in San Antonio is that the team already highly values the two guards it has in the starting rotation: Moriah Jefferson and Kayla McBride. San Antonio envisioned a three-guard lineup when it drafted Plum, but her agent, Lindsay Kagawa Colas, wasn’t sure if first-year head coach Vickie Johnson agreed to that.

When San Antonio used its No. 1 overall pick on Plum, Colas questioned the team’s decision to change Plum’s position, according to Howard Megdal of

San Antonio is saying they took her and plan to play all three together, Colas told the Summitt. You have established assets who have played well, so why are you taking the number one pick to play out of position? In what sport does that happen? It’s entirely unprecedented. You don’t take Kyrie Irving, John Wall, Sue Bird or Derrick Rose to play the two. This is a woman who has twice been selected for USA Basketball as a point guard and broke the NCAA scoring record as a 1 — and you’re going to ask her to essentially change positions?

There’s no path for a straight-up deal that sends Irving to the Spurs without a third team. San Antonio doesn’t have the combination of young prospects and win-now veterans that the Cavaliers desire in a deal, and Cleveland certainly won’t take LaMarcus Aldridge back in that trade.

The Spurs would need to rope in a third team — one interested in taking Aldridge — that would be willing to part ways with pieces of its youthful core. Those teams are few and far between, especially if that team isn’t getting Irving for its troubles.

Authentic Marcus Williams Jersey At this point, it’s a toss up whether Irving returns to Cleveland this year or makes his season debut for another team.