As you can see in those collar-comparison photos, the “NY” logo on the Giants’ nose bumper has changed from blue to red. But Giants equipment director Joe Skiba often likes to tinker with that uniform element, so it remains to be seen whether the red version will be retained for the regular season.

Also-also: The Giants have posted their uniform schedule. They’ll once again wear white pants at home (including for a Thursday night game against the Cowboys on Dec. 10, when they’ll wear their retro-inspired solid-white Color Rush uni) and gray pants on the road, regardless of which jersey they’re wearing. Additional info here.

Campbell’s plan isn’t done. This offseason, he told Pollard, he intends to petition the legislature to rename the state ‘That State out East.’ Pollard supports the plan. “Matt tells me this is the only way to ensure that he never has to say ‘Iowa’ ever again, either in public or to his five hundred out-of-state recruits,” he said.

Pollard then looked at his watch and cut the interview short. “Sorry, guys, but it’s 2:18,” he said, before crawling under his desk and sobbing.

The Central Illinois Flying Aces unveiled its new logos, jerseys, and color scheme on Monday while taking part in Bloomington’s Labor Day Parade.

After announcing the name change from the Bloomington Thunder to the Central Illinois Flying Aces on Aug. 24, the release of the new visual identity capped the team’s rebrand for the 2017-18 season, its fourth season as a member of the United States Hockey League.