Joe Maddon lived his best life on Wednesday night: He worked in some emphatic finger pointing (which got him ejected) and his team walked the Reds off on a wild pitch after a nutty game. Love him or literally strain an eye muscle rolling yours at him, Maddon lives for nutty like it’s his only life source. So, if he caught wind that Terry Collins got to play a catcher at third base and then switch him to second base 22 times, his best life probably went out the window. He probably crumpled up his four-man outfield headlines and went to go talk to Alex Avila about ground balls.

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While it’s a cool gesture, and the players surely appreciate the added pizzazz to their otherwise routine series, does it come off to anyone else like Francona is a stepdad trying to convince the kids not to tell their mom that he was caught smoking in the garage again?

A county representative told the Miami Herald that the sculpture “was designed specifically for this project and location and is permanently installed. It is not movable.” and that “The county’s real estate team will provide any new owner with the requirements regarding care for the county-owned assets.”

Since it technically could be removed with approval, it’s not completely safe forever. But opinions on the county side are, for now, firmly planted in the “it’s staying” camp.

The claws are out, though, and right now it’s between a powerful team and a volunteer-based shelter that takes innocent animals off the streets. One side is starting off as the far more sympathetic party.