The Bills, for example, could send their two first-rounders (Nos. 12 and 22), their second-round pick (53) and the third-round pick they acquired from the Browns (65) and make what amounts to a fair swap on the Jimmy Johnson chart by giving up 2,635 points of draft capital for the second overall pick, which is worth 2,600 points. By the Stuart chart, the Bills would be paying $1.70 on the dollar, which is less than the Jets paid to move up, but more in line with recent trade-ups for quarterbacks.

A culture change has been the plan all along. It was the reason the Dolphins moved on from Suh, according to the Miami Herald, and the reason Jay Ajayi was sent to the Philadelphia Eagles in October.

The Los Angeles Rams have scooped up loads of talent this offseason — including Suh — who were castoffs from other teams for reasons beyond just their football abilities. The Rams also traded for cornerbacks Aqib Talib and Marcus Peters, and are reportedly interested in receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

There’s risk for the Rams, but having talented players with big personalities is a better problem to have to deal with than having a team that lacks talent but stays in line.

The Dolphins seem to be betting on the idea that it’s easier to win and maximize talent when players are ready to buy in. And that’s a nice thought, but it’s not easy to win games when the other team is just — well — better.

Glenn can play at a high level when healthy, but that when healthy caveat keeps getting bigger and bigger. Glenn missed 10 games last year in Buffalo, and the seventh-year veteran has been sidelined for almost half of the last two seasons.

And while there’s some talent at tackle in this year’s draft, it’s a relatively down year at the position. Whether it’s McGlinchey’s low ceiling, Williams’ injury history and disappointing 2017 season or Orlando Brown’s disastrous combine, there aren’t any sure things in 2018.

The last thing the Bengals need is to head into September in the same shape they were in last December—with Andy Dalton running for his life.

With that in mind, are the Giants considering passing on a quarterback with the second overall pick to take NC State defensive end Bradley Chubb They have a track record of valuing edge rushers as premium players going back to the Bill Parcells days, a stretch that included general manager Dave Gettleman’s first run within the organization from 1999-2011, albeit as pro personnel director. patriots_004