Denver Broncos head coach John Fox is out of the hospital and back at home recovering from heart surgery he underwent earlier in the week. With Jack Del Rio serving as the team’s interim head coach, Fox released a statement on Friday to tell fans that he’s recovering smoothly from the surgery:

“My recovery is progressing well — I am feeling better and getting stronger each day. I will begin the next phase of my recovery in Charlotte and continue outpatient appointments with doctors, who will clear me to return to Denver when the time is right.

“Although I’m eager to return to coaching, my No. 1 focus is my health. I believe in our players and have full confidence in Jack Del Rio and our staff.

“While it’s extremely difficult to be away from the team on Sunday in San Diego, I’ll be cheering them on from home just like the many Broncos fans who have supported me throughout this process.”

The Bears and Lions are fighting for both the NFC North lead as well as the final spot in the NFC playoff race, in one of the bigger games of the week when it comes to postseason implications. The Lions won in a shootout back on Sept. 29 against the Bears, 40-32, and look to build off a stunning last-second victory in Dallas last week.

I want to be able to tell people that the Bucs are going to the Super Bowl just win a game and not have it be an exercise in self-delusion.

I won’t tell anyone they’re not a real fan for feeling any way about their team’s performance. I’m just saying this for my own sake: I can’t stand the losses. I will not be happy when the Bucs lose, and I will continue to celebrate any victory that comes the Bucs’ way. Because I’m a Bucs fan, dammit, and I want the Bucs to win.
Local Takes: Miami Dolphins

Dolphins blog The Phinsder hasn’t been talking much about actual football, for obvious reasons. In lieu of a blurb, we direct you to their excellent and quick-updating stream of the ongoing Martin/Incognito saga.