Oracle Arena paid tribute to the victims of the Santa Fe High School tragedy with a moment of silence before Game 3 between the Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors.

The Rockets are discussing plans to honor the victims and families of Friday’s school shooting, which happened about 35 miles south of Houston.

They are expected to do something for Thursday’s Game 5 of the Western Conference finals against the Warriors at Toyota Center, which is the first time they will have a home game since the shootings.

“Hopefully our team and our organization, I’m sure we’re going to try to do things to try to help those families that are affected to give them those bright spots in times like this.”

“He looked outstanding today,” Wilks said, via Mike Jurecki on Twitter. “It’s good to have him back out there just flying around. The things that he’s doing right now is pretty exciting.”

As Wilks said, you can’t make too much out of what goes on in May but a little excitement is understandable given Johnson’s importance to Arizona’s chances and the long stretch they went without seeing him on the field.

The networks have a clear interest in developing and implementing such technologies ASAP, given that new broadcast contracts will become effective in 2022 (for Monday Night Football) and 2023 (for all other packages). Having the ability to deliver images with immediacy will lay the foundation for the placement of bets between whistle and snap, resulting in more people watching, more people betting, and everyone making more money.