The team announced that they have signed cornerback Channing Stribling to the 90-man roster while safety Michael Cirino has been waived with an injury designation. If Cirino goes unclaimed, he will revert to injured reserve in Indianapolis.

Stribling was undrafted out of Michigan last year and signed with the Browns. He opened last season on their practice squad, spent some time on the Colts’ auxillary and ended the year with the 49ers. He was dropped by the Niners to make room for this year’s crop of undrafted rookies.

He had watched Perez’s film from Southwestern and, despite some questions about arm strength, came away intrigued. During the recruiting process, he quizzed Perez about his hobbies, but never thought to ask if he had played high school football. It happened to come up in a story Perez was telling.

‘Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a second. You didn’t play high school football?’ May, the quarterbacks coach at A&M Commerce, recalled.

Are we really gonna take a guy who never played high school football?

It could’ve been done together to figure out what we can do to move forward and what would be best for the players, Smith said. The whole reason guys were protesting was to draw awareness to something. To take that away and be, ‘Hey, don’t do that anymore,’ like you’re anti-American or something like people try to paint — it is very frustrating to continue to see that false narrative.

So Smith doesn’t think the issue is over, as much as the NFL would like it to be.

You’re going to see reactive things from guys, probably, Smith said. I don’t know. Maybe, maybe not. But if you do it, you see it, it takes away even further from what the message was, which was against police brutality, which evolved to the criminal justice system and a lot of other inequalities that we have in this country.